I'm a musician
Have been playing music for a long time
Recording songs
Rehabbing baby animals
Connecting to Mother Earth
Talking to crows, blue jays and racoons
Giving my time to non-profits, studying,
Writing, making websites, researching, putting concepts together
With the help of my best friend, my cat,
Remus, my teacher and companion,
I have been striving to connect to the best and highest ideals.
Been chatting with interesting people
Praying, playing games with my cat
Listening to Tibetan bells, rock music
Trying to heal my chronic depression
Striving to stay awake and aware.

I love animal beings with all my heart

Ever since my boy Remus moved on from this world, and transcended,
All I can do is try to reach out to Heaven
a.k.a. “the higher dimensions”
That’s where he resides. Such freedom
I love him so much. I’m glad he’s happy
You see, he’s my other half. 
❁ My animal half ❁
I realized, after I was done bawling
(Oh I still bawl randomly sometimes)
If we all reach out to Heaven,
using whatever practice we'd prefer,
We’d be doing the best we can.
For ourselves, and for the world. 
So, with my boy Remus on one end,
And me on the other,
We’re making a bridge to Heaven.
Can you help us build this thing?
What can you do?
I'm positive anyone can do this
If you believe hard enough.
The power of love is truly unmitigated.


Ender Black