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Bridge to Sascagewa

Planet Earth is part of a magnificent galactic union that protects all life forms, first by protecting free will, then by assisting when required. --- We are a big family with the rest of the beings in the galaxy; we're not alone. We're part of a cosmic system. There is intention and intrinsic love to our existence. --- ➜It is true Earth has been a colony of a very oppresive regime, which seeks to oppose everything that occurs naturally throughout the galaxies. This sector of Creation has been granted absolute free will. Our environment has been carefully manufactured since the time before the dinosaurs, to be an environment of 'predator and prey'. An experiment of sorts in regards to the capacities of manifested consciousness. Not an uncommon situation, but certainly not the norm throughout the vastness of the galaxies. --- Nature as we know it on Earth, as beautiful and gloriously inspiring as it is, can only occur as such on what we call Lower Dimensional Realms. Our environment. Mother Earth is truly grand and beyond any 3D human limitations. She's a true example of the eternal cosmic mother, who powers all spheres throughout the vast infinity of the galaxies. But She's been messed with, by truly unscrupulous identities, and in Her infinite love and wisdom, She allows Her children to experience free will in love and peace. --- No animal being is originally native to Earth, but they have made this planet their home, just like we have. Something interesting to ponder. Just ponder it. --- Regardless of the challenging conditions of our reality (wow, tell me about it!), we are meant to feel and discover cosmic possibilities. --- I also want to remind you all about **Animal Awareness**, what that means for us, and what that can do for our evolution and spiritual enlightenment. I celebrate the immense value of our animal friends as teachers, guides and connections to the infinite ◆ The animal beings carry the flawless and unmitigated cosmic spirit. ◆ It is them who are closest to cosmic, universal heart, and therefore the best teachers any human identity could have. ◆ We also want to remind you that the bond between an animal and a human can be so powerful, it can create a quantum link to the sun and ultimately Heaven. --- We believe on this day and age, on our troubled and disorderly nations, the easiest path to Heaven (i.e. the higher planets, the soaring, light-filled galaxy, and God/Great Spirit) is to maintain a strong connection with your animal. The stronger the bond you have or had on the Earth, the better your possibilities for cosmic, godly and angelic connections. Your animal buddy can be your best teacher, counselor and guide. Your animal friends, either present with you on Earth, or gone to Heaven, can be your most powerful allies. --- Apart from the fascinating cosmic integration of planet Earth with our galactic family of beings, as well as the dynamics of enforcing Galactic Law, and what that will mean for the future development of our planet, I personally try to rejoice in music, such as varied instrumentals, as well as flutes and drums to raise my vibration of consciousness. Never in short of electric guitars and rock setups!! Nothing like an electric guitar, bass, drums and voice  to make a proper point. And of course I can't forget to listen to a raga at least once a week. 

What do I try to do with my life? Hmm. That's an interesting question I just asked  myself. I strive to bridge the gap between Radio, Digital Media, Music, Our Galactic Union, Starseeds, YouTube and The Four Leggeds. Yes. That's the gist of what my dream is all about. All of it with cosmic magic. And that's my gift.

I'm a big low key fan of the ancient councils within Kogi, Zuni, Hopi and Havasupai Nations, and congratulate them for keeping those traditions alive for hundreds of years. Not easy in our digital world of standarizations. I also applaud them because I consider them to be some of the most apt guides and counselors for the ongoing processes of galactic interaction, among many other heroes throughout all continents, who lead with a spirit of service, stick to their ancestral traditions, help run non-profits tending to the most important things and/or do everything they can to bring light to justice. 

Do not underestimate the power of Belief and Focus.
With the aid, support and protection of our galactic allies, we are achieving our best possibilities.  And not only that. The bridge I am building right now with the help of Remus, is one of the most necessary and beneficial things we can do for anybody and everybody. The true magic of the universe is rooted in the most pure manifestations that love can take, and surrendering to this force with absolute openness. 

Deer Looking Back

Soul Stone


The animal beings are enlightening.

If there is one thing I have realized, or should I say remembered, is that the animal beings are the most perfect and primal carriers of Spirit (consciousness, sentience). We get our whole purpose as human beings by watching them, experiencing them and protecting them. Certainly so on a planet like Earth, where humans have separated so dramatically from the fabric of existence (Nature). Even when some animals are forced to kill because the vegetation native to them does not occur on this planet, they can still hold the most massive and perfect wisdom. An important lesson is to never watch a carnivore kill and eat. And of course, never underestimate the power and might of a herbivore. ——  Oh dear precious animals! I can learn everything I could ever learn from simply observing you! All I need to do is stop, quiet my mind and embrace this Organic Network I am so blessed to be part of. The animal kingdom has been ignored, undervalued and misunderstood for too long. The old and outdated ways of this world, things like factory farming and animals not having legal rights, are issues that personally aggravate and confound me. I vow to push for the absolute enforcement of Galactic Law with the highest rate of planetary effectiveness. —— ❀

​And yeah. Let's face it. There are too many bad apples running amok in the world. Too much injustice, inequality, disorder, lawlessness. They all must be stopped with shock and awe. I want all fellow Earth citizens to know we are not alone, and that the galaxy does indeed care about us! —— God bless planet Earth!

I am happy about the new prospects for Earth, and the re-integration with our neighboring galactic nations. It won't be easy to begin this process, or even to properly explain things at this point, much less adapt to unprecedented yet exceedingly positive global regulations, however it is crucial to at least entertain the concept that there are many star laws that our planet has been violating for a very long time. This is of course a no no and cannot be allowed indefinitely, and we can all intuitively agree.

​Free will is the most superb gift and right that we have. And yet, to protect all lifeforms on planet Earth, certain basic tenets of star law must be enacted. This is when things get cosmic! As we might expect, star law is *celestial* in nature, so we can be sure that these are not laws of men, but laws of Source. ---- Take a moment to stop and let this sink in. The answer is clear, deep in the core of your being.

My biggest dream is to see all ecosystems on the planet being protected to the fullest extent! I want to see animals being happy and feeling safe, and this feeling will translate to our human experience because of the interconnectedness of consciousness that is embedded in the fabric of the universe. I want to see justice being served and our entire global financial system be upgraded. It is crucial we dethrone and expose certain global elites.

​My other biggest dream is to play and record music with awesome people on the surface, the inner realms and in orbit!! Just to start. Maybe even score a show from the Higher Planets! I feel a massive stream of motherly love coming in so fast.

❂ Hurray for Earth ❂ Hurray For The Granting Of Rights To All Animal Beings ❂

❂ Hurray for The Protection Of The Human Spirit ❂

❂ Hurray for a new reality where humanity lives in balance with the Earth ❂

Regardless of the "Upside Down Reality" we have been living in for so long (YIKES!), I am certain that optimism and focus are essential supplies. I see wondrous potential for ourselves and our planet. >>> How is it going to play out? --- Well. We can't possibly know but  ** we'll definitely feel it in our bones **.  You can be sure of it.

❂ I want all of us to witness the massive efforts now ongoing in our solar system ❂

❂And I want everybody to see the real living magic of the galaxies❂ 

If you like sci-fi, philosophy, spirituality, futurism, vibes, animals and nature

then you'll love me and everything I'm doing bridging dimensions!


Ode to Earth

You are my home, my shelter, my sustenance, The Place
Where my thoughts and my spirit flow From.

Bells of all sizes ring the manifold Sounds of humanity.
Mother Earth, my great origin,

My mother, our mother.
Speaks loudly in your many parks,

And her arms embrace me,
Like I have never been separated from Her, although I have.

We all have. I choose to believe that Everything happens for a reason

I don’t mind if my brethren have allowed
their minds to distort to delusion.
I remain strong in the knowledge that We are becoming aware, again.
No matter how pessimism can filter in Our collective emotions,
The truth is clear and will always be:  Reaching inward, to the heart, is the key.

Planet Earth,
In your sorrows and your solitude,

There is more beauty than pain.
Because there is a great radiance Emanating from the infinite cosmos. 
I want everyone in the world to feel this Cosmic gain; superb sonic rain.

And shine with great brilliance.
Conflate with resilience.

I love you Planet Earth. You’re my home, my shelter, my sustenance, The Place.
Seagulls protect me from above; their Flights give me the strength I love.
Crows own the great land,

Squirrels show me the great plan.
Geese and Ducks enliven the waters, And the Heron shows me the Path.

My boy Remus helps me build.
Build a bridge to Heaven.
He on one end. Me on the other.
We're both children of Earth.
Beings of Earth. Souls of the Infinite.
We know a union with Heaven is the Best birth, the best worth.
Truest, purest love is our best shot.

Environment Activists Protest

High morals are the key

After much study and understanding for the past few years, I have reached this conclusion: it is crucial we begin a process that allows all of us to truly take a grasp on the devastating consequences of maintaining and expanding the factory farm industry. And not only the expansion of this industry, but the effects of the industry as it is now on the health and well-being of our precious ecosystems. 

The truth is, our planet is experiencing a massive and ongoing demise of global ecosystems, with all the myriad of incredible lifeforms that comprise them, and this is in an incontrovertible fact, and a truly tragic and incredibly negative event. 

If we focus on our own small piece of land here in the United States, we are indeed tackling this issue from the inside out. I believe in America and what we are supposed to stand for, and I am certain that we can once more serve as a role model for the rest of our planet. If America does the right thing, that's the right path because we can indeed be of positive and beneficial influence for the world. 

House in Guinea Bissau

Protection of the humble

I will recommend a new set of National Enforcement to tackle what I call  "Crimes against human ecosystem consciousness disruption". What this means is neutralizing any attempt at disrupting the native human aspect within any ecosystem. If we start in America, and we use the full force and influence of our position, we can pass it on. Think big.

The wisdom of the planet itself manifests in the localized human variation; meaning, the humble tribes of South America, for instance, who are so beautifully connected to the land and nature, as well as tradition, are the true, uncorrupted human conscious awareness of the planet itself. That wasn't too clear, but I stand by the wording. Read it a couple more times and you'll get the full meaning. I believe it is our duty to listen to their wisdom in the management of our governmental and corporate mechanisms.

It is irrefutable we should not sit back, pretend everything is alright, and allow the destruction of our remaining ecosystems. They hold everything that we have; nature is our treasure to protect. We cannot derive life from anything else but this planet. 


Gen Z Idealism

Galactic Pragmatism

I believe the value and capacity of the human spirit is boundless. All we need to do is face the core of all global problems and tackle it head on. With Shock and Awe. Our planet is magnificent and we cannot continue the process of unwillingly destroying it. We're smart, with a vast history of spirituality, philosophy and technological development, and we are capable of withstanding incredible variations in our global experience. 

There is also quite a bit of inequality within our body of humanity, in addition to the automatic, ongoing destruction of all ecosystems, all beings in them, big and small, fuzzy and not. We deserve to access our highest capacities to fix this urgently. All we need is a bit of help and assistance from, who knows... galactic allies? Yup. Anything is possible.

I believe there are thousands upon thousands of wonderful things Earth can give to the universe. I am also certain that when we think big, as in poetry or epic film, we have the potential to grasp ultimate inspiration. If this ultimate inspiration is capitalized and focused on doing good, according to many laws, big and small, "good" as it is understood by nations and super nations, then we would actually be reaching a very beneficial step in our evolution as a species. I must see our planet as a beacon of light for the entire galaxy. See? Big enough? 


Star family

There are truly many trillions of billions of connections throughout the entirety of our body of collective experience. All these vast mechanisms allow us to see beauty, and extract joy from the cosmos. We have discovered suffering and poverty are not normal occurrences, as we have not been able to measure them within any of our ecosystems; it seems only a misguided human influence can push a natural ecosystem to experience poverty or decay.
We have also reached the conclusion that the human aspect of Earth is of grand importance, and it deserves to be honored with grace and effort. We rejoice in being part of this expansive humanity that has paved the way for so much brilliance and magnificence, and we are thrilled to be able to exercise power and authority in the name of all the things that are right. We truly seek to become the best we can for the welfare of all involved, and this task is not difficult. Planet Earth is a true marvel in the way it is able to provide so much life and sustenance to so many millions of organisms, including people. 

We understand the simplicity of a procedure which prime goal is to fix all the wrongs on this rich planet.


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